Guest Lecturers 2017

Suresh Vaidyanathan is a ghatam and multi-percussion artiste internationally acclaimed and respected for his in-depth knowledge of Indian rhythm, melody and technical supremacy in percussion.
Trained by illustrious musicians, Suresh has gained pre-eminence with his unique fingering techniques, sound modulation and aesthetic accompaniment and is credited with revolutionizing the art of playing ghatam through his aesthetical aggressive style, a combination of two authentic schools.

Suresh’s exigent performances in classical concerts, Jazz festivals and Drum festivals with top musicians and drummers internationally, his luminous compositions and teaching abilities through regular workshops in Universities and music schools around the world, has brought him much deserving global respect. Majority of the next generation ghatam players today are students and inspired followers of Suresh. A Guinness Book of World Records holder for longest Healing concert Participation, Suresh has been performing regularly with reputed Jazz groups. As a distinguished prolific jazz composer with the Indian flavor Suresh has collaborated with many Jazz musicians to pen and arrange new age compositions. He has formed a global jazz band titled “NANDI” featuring musicians from East and West who have inclination to the original music of the Indian soil.

Holding a Master degree in Rhythmology from University of Madras, Suresh also composes in world music and jazz tradition. Suresh has also recorded for Pop legend Paul Simon for his recent Album “So beautiful or so what!” He is also a creative writer about music and Society and has penned many a poems in Tamil. Today at 51, Suresh stands tall as a young and dynamic leader in the art of clay pot percussion guiding students and followers around the world with his pristine pure unique techniques and style.

Shantala Subramanyam born in Bangalore, was raised in Chennai, heartland of carnatic music, renowned for its emphasis on improvisation on beautiful ragas within a highly evolved rhythmic vocabulary. She plays the venu, a carnatic bamboo flute, and it’s an instrument with a warm sonority. Like many Carnatic musicians, Shantala started playing in early childhood under the tutelage of her father M N Subramanyam, himself an amateur musician and her brother Shashank, an eminent flute artist. It was also her good fortune to be trained by eminent performers. She gratefully acknowledges the contributions of famed South Indian drummers towards enriching her rhythm training, spread over a decade.

Owing to her diligent and hard training, Shantala has been highly appreciated for her melodic presentations combined with complex rhythmic patterns. Today, she’s recognized as an important and authentic voice in this demanding tradition and this view has been echoed by music critiques. Shantala has graced the stages of many reputed organizations and in recent years is a frequent visitor to Europe, USA, Canada, England, Ireland and Malaysia for concerts and workshops. Shantala has performed for some of the important venues/ organizations for world music and has been invited to conduct master classes in Carnatic music and rhythms.

Shantala is also a well sought after teacher. She has been imparting training in South Indian vocal music, flute playing and reciting kunakkol [vocal rhythm] to scores of students from India and across the globe. She has released 4 CD albums in collaboration with popular and competitive artists from the South Indian music tradition.

Anil Srinivasan is a classical pianist born in Chennai and educated at the University of Southern California and at Columbia University. He is best known for his collaborative work other musicians and his pioneering work in music education in South India.

As a pianist, Anil has performed at various venues in the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the US,
Canada, Korea, Indonesia and the Middle East apart from performances all over India. He is very well known for his path-breaking collaboration with vocalist Sikkil Gurucharan, with whom his output includes 6 published albums and several national and international tours. He is also known for having organized alternative performing arts platforms and festivals.

He composes and scores music for several productions in the theatrical space as well. He is also the music composer on special audiobook projects for children (Karadi Tales, 2011 and 2012) in collaboration with several well-known artists.

In 2013, Anil embarked on a new project with the Southbank Centre's famed Alchemy Festival, where he trained teachers of Western Classical music in the nuances and pedagogy of Indian music in classrooms. Anil is passionate about music education for children across all strata of society. His work with schools is in association with Rhapsody – Education Through Music. Rhapsody now reaches over 60,000 children in South India.

Anil speaks regularly on music and its effect on human behavior, organizational processes and related
topics at various forums. His workshops and seminars have been received extremely well. He continues to write about music for various publications and media.